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Latoya Jackson

Did you all hear bout latoya jackson? Apparently her boyfriend beat her 12 week old baby. How ridiculous is that. The worst part is that i've known this girl forever and i would of never pictured her to protect a guy who would do something like that to an infant. I guess you never really know people. She told the poliece that the baby fell off the bed and then a little kid picked her up and droped her again. The thing is that the bones that are broken (17) are at different stages of healing, which means that this baby was abused over a period of time. Another thing to remember is that infants bones are very hard to break because they're flexible. You dont get broken bones like that from dropping a baby, at least not 17 broken bones from head to toe. You need to like fling a baby by the arm across the room to do something like this. The doctors say that this happened over a period of time and that at least there was one broken bone per day. Which means you knewthat your child was being beat if one bone broke each day. Not to menchine that the couple drove down to Mexico to get the baby's bones fixed because they were affraid that they were going to get charged on abuse. Which means that something is up with the story of that she supposidly didnt know anything about the bones being broken. Why else would you go fleeting out of the country because you were scared... if you care about your baby you would of brought her there when you first found out. Mexico told them they need a much better hospital to fix that so they came back to Nashua. Then the baby was flown to Boston. Let's go back a bit...

the baby had broken bones when they drove to Mexico. How long does it take to get there? A few days at the least riiiight. Then they drove all the way back, knowing the baby girl had broken bones still... that's another few days. On top of that the baby had broken bones for weeks before any of the driving to Mexico took place. Not very good parenting.

if there's justice in NH they'll take that baby away from them

and i dont care if i am friends with her... that's just not right and it changes my opinion of her forever.

even if you weren't the one that beat her. to sit back and let it happen is just as bad as doing it.
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